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Are you expecting & looking for someone acknowledgeable to walk you through all the ins and outs of pregnancy & childbirth?

Meet your doula...

As a birth doula, I provide comprehensive support and education during the perinatal period. I offer a range of services including baby registry creation, birth planning, prenatal appointment preparation & debriefs, and labor and birth support. My clients also enjoy access to their own personalized Birth Preparation Google Classroom and workouts designed by Dr. Alicia Baker.

My goal is to help you feel empowered and educated so you can make informed decisions and have the best possible experience during this transformative time.

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"You gave me security in my vulnerable state and the comfort of not feeling alone. The room felt more like I was at home with all the warm conversation. I truly don't know what I would have done without your guided support, uplifting spirit, and eternal friendship during my time of need."



Support Services

Pregnancy & Birth Doula

Labor & Birth Preparation
& Doula Support Package

A guide through every ebb and flow. 

At my Birth Doula practice, I offer a comprehensive Birth Preparation program to help make your birth experience a positive one.

Our initial consultation will establish your goals and preferences. With four prenatal consultations, we'll review your options, comfort measures, and create a birth preferences guide to share with your birth team.


You will be given a personalized birth prep exercise routine that is appropriate for your stage of pregnancy, which we will practice and review together. 


At your prenatal sessions, we will review the stages of labor, what your care options are, and practice comfort tools; ensuring you feel prepared for your birth. You'll receive three postpartum wellness checks and a birth debrief along with community resources to local support services that specialize in helping to ease your transition into parenthood.

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