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Do you perform any physical examinations?

No, as a doula my role is non-medical support. I may provide basic lactation support but anything needing medical examination will be referred out to the appropriate care provider. I can help you find the right person to reach out to when concerns rise that are outside of my scope.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

As your Doula my role is to support you AND your partner/family through this process. My goal is to enhance the kind of support your partner is able to provide you; as someone who knows you on an intimate level. Many times having a doula decreases the partner's anxiety and gives them the ability to give you their full attention; supporting you in the ways that feel good to them knowing that all the other bases are covered by me. 

When should I hire a Doula?

While many people wait until their second trimester to hire a doula, there are certain circumstances where it may benefit you to hire your doula sooner. I have found prenatal support to be of huge benefit to expecting families. It is never too soon to start getting support.

Do you only provide support for those planning an unmediated birth?

No, I support every kind of birth, whether that takes place in a hospital, home, or birthcenter. As your doula it is my goal for you to feel prepared and empowered about your birth no matter how you choose to birth. I have supported clients who have decided to birth unmedicated and those who have chosen pain-relief. I have supported those having a vaginal birth and those having a cesarean birth. Support and guidance is important for every kind of birth.

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