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Is my baby getting enough milk?

Navigating the first few months of lactation is typically a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. As awesome as lactation can be, it can also be just as equally overwhelming and difficult.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from parents is fear that their baby is not getting enough milk/fear they aren't producing enough milk.

This is a completely rational fear and concern.

Learning what the signs are for a well-fed baby is key to decreasing your fears and concerns.

What is my baby trying to tell me?

Watch this video resource that discusses and shows the different baby sounds and what they mean...

How do I know my baby has had enough milk and is full?

Watch the following video that showcases the various signs of a full baby and efficient milk removal...

It feels like I have been nursing non stop for days, is this normal?

Watch this video about what Cluster Feeding is and when is normal and likely to occur...

Here are some additional resources...

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